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Canyons Games

Prepare the bullets for your cannons

The first guns appear in the Middle Ages and were used in the Middle East, then can be seen in Europe in the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula or in England with the Hundred Years' War. They continued to modernize to become a very lethal weapon, most deaths in World War II were due to guns. Although it was not easy to control them and to move them in combat it was difficult and had to stand to shoot, so you had to choose the location in advance to shoot your enemies. Another handicap was the time that was lost in recharge and the number of people who should be aware of the canyon as it meant fewer soldiers on the front line of war. All this was improved in subsequent versions of the canyon with new enhancements that ended with all the problems.

In the same way you have to position your artillery on the battlefield, you must also protect it from enemy troops establishing a good lining. You also need to distribute your own troops on the battlefield behind the reach of your cannon, otherwise could impact your men and suffer heavy casualties.

While all this changes if instead of commander are part of the gun crew, as you must recharge the heavy bullets and aim at the targets to be destroyed. Correct the deviation and determine the distance of the target is somewhat complicated, especially if you're on a battlefield where every second counts and situations change in an instant. More difficulties would find when they begin to be used in naval warfare, since the movement of waves give them more difficult, until this was resolved. Sink an enemy ship was significantly easier with the help of guns, is why the move to this area.

Here you can use the cannon to many missions in which you will be required aim and desire to do the most damage with a single projectile. Conducts maritime wars and sinking pirate ships, shoot the zombies with this heavy weapon, and use it to blow up certain creatures to a specific target. Whatever you choose to direct your shots well and achieves the goal of each game.

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