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Free The Treasury Calimero Game
The Treasury Calimero
In this game you have to open the treasure ...
Free Calimero racing Game
Calimero racing
Mounted on the kart Calimero to start a new career ...
Free Calimero plane Game
Calimero plane
Mounted on the plane Calimero for a new adventure ...


Calimero Games

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Calimero is a young chicken black, brother of sixteen chickens and he is the only color. Summarizing it is the ugly duckling or the black sheep of the family. Calimero discriminated by his family decides to start a new journey to find a real family where you do not worry about the color of their plumage and accept it as he is. Calimero is very peculiar and unmistakable by his half eggshell that takes over your head like a hat or helmet.

Dive into the new adventures of Calimero with new stories and new entertainment to discover. Calimero has several missions to perform and you have to help fulfill all its missions.

Enjoy yourself with your friends Calimero and playing all their best games as finding treasure Calimero, piloting his plane to a new adventure full of surprises or driving in an exciting kart race where you'll be forced to recover all your eggs hen you meet along the way.

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