free Bully Games

free Bully Games

Bullying in school must end and you will take care of helping those who suffer in these games. You can enjoy defending the marginalized boy or making you respect in the schoolyard with the game Bully. Get them respected in these games that are a version of Rockstar.

Bully Games

Free Bully scholarship Game
Bully scholarship
Free High School Tower Defense Game
High School Tower Defense
Free High school wars Game
High school wars
Free Bully scholarship: Puzzle Game
Bully scholarship: Puzzle
Free Bully Fighter Game
Bully Fighter
Free Bully Game
Free Bullying Game
Free Incriminati Game

+ Bully Games

Free Mischief in the gym Game
Mischief in the gym
Free Hooligans at the mall Game
Hooligans at the mall
Unity 3D
Free - Street Fights Game
60% - Street Fights
Free Snow Ball Warrior Game
Snow Ball Warrior
Free Thug empire Game
Thug empire
Free Antics on the avenue Game
Antics on the avenue
Free Pranks at school Game
Pranks at school
Free Mischief cheerleaders Game
Mischief cheerleaders
Free Street fights, royal Game
Street fights, royal
Free Punished in class Game
Punished in class
Free Becomes the fun class Game
Becomes the fun class
Free Naughty classroom Game
Naughty classroom
Free When graffiti Game
When graffiti
Free Antics at the museum Game
Antics at the museum
Free High school showdown Game
High school showdown
Free Physical antics classes Game
Physical antics classes
Free Jokes among friends Game
Jokes among friends
Free Antics Game
Free Bart Simpson skateboarding: naked Game
Bart Simpson skateboarding: naked


Bully Games

How to play bully free, no downloads

Bullying in school is a practice that unfortunately is spreading and in these games you put your bit to kill it. You have to help the most disadvantaged to not end up in the clutches of a thug who has nothing better to do than bother the other guys, simply by being smarter or quieter. It's time that they deserve held and try their own medicine. Topping the rebellion of the abused and have to be bullies remove the desire to molest more children.

One of the great games of this subject is the Bully, which was released for PS2 and PC created by the same company as the GTA, Rockstar. Saga Tells the story of a boy named Jimmy who at 15 years has been admitted to the academy Bullworth because of their misconduct, and that has already been expelled from seven different schools. Our character is a victim of bullying and because of the passivity of teachers, decides to take justice into their own hands and deal with bullies in their own way. You need to attend classes to unlock new skills and defend those most affected by bullies yourself already. A world GTA style but in boarding version with many activities to do.

These games and many more you can find in this section on bullying and fight from within and in a radical way. The adventure begins and gives a lesson to the bullies who do not stop disturbing the "nerds" and smaller. Can you fight evil in the schoolyard?

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