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Race: cows carts
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Bull Pamplona
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Bull killer
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San Fermin
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Before the bull run: sanfermines
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Bulls Games

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These animals are huge and have a great strength because of their large muscles, but you have the concept that they are violent animals are actually very docile. But if anger is better this animal is out of the way because a single attack could be fatal to anyone, because they have a pair of sharp horns.

In Spain and some other countries it is possible to live the bull runs, the most famous is the San Fermin in Pamplona (Spain) in which hundreds of people run in front of a group of brave bulls running madly through the village to reach to the square. These closures every year dozens injured by blows charged since they are not quick enough to avoid the bull.

If you're thinking of trying your speed against these animals and feel the adrenaline prepare to dress in white with a red scarf, once you're ready for the event but you have to wait to see the bulls and run to the square. Along the way you will find some cages in which you can hide if you do not have time to get or get on a wall.

Not everything will be confinements or embolados bulls you must flee but want to end up with a goring in some part of your body. You'll have more relaxed games where you dress a killer of bulls to make the best run of his life. Another game where you have to endure as long as possible above this animal without you pull, which is known as the rodeo. The best thing about these games is that no animal gets hurt and can play with them without any danger for you or for him. Dare to know the world of bullfighting with us!

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