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Pamplona smash!Bull killerSan FerminBull PamplonaFire bullCheyenne rodeoMounted on the explosive bullBefore the bull run: SanferminesBull runs behind!Angry bullToreros

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Angry bullCheyenne rodeoBull PamplonaBull killerSan FerminPamplona smash!Bull RacingMounted on the explosive bullBullsBull runs behind!TorerosFire bull

Bulls Games

Run ahead of the bull and do not let it reach you

If you are thinking about trying your speed in front of the angry bulls and feel the adrenaline get ready to play the bullfighting games where you have to dress in white with a red scarf, once you are ready for the event you just have to wait to see the bulls and run to the plaza. On the way you will find some cages where you can hide if you do not have time to get there or get on a wall.

Not everything will be confinements or bulls embolados of which you must flee but you want to end with a goring in some part of your body. You will have more relaxed games in which to dress a bullfighter to make the best run of his life. Another game in which you'll have to put up as much time as possible on this animal without being pulled, which is known as rodeo. The best thing about these games is that no animal will be hurt and you can play with them without any danger for you or for him. Dare to know the world of the bull with us!


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