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The Briscas are card games with Spanish decks and is recommended for the whole family. It is a game of strategy and skill. You can play in single (at least 2 players) or six pairs with two players per couple. Then we explain the rules of brisca and what are the aims to win the battle.

the cards are shuffled and three for each player is dealt, then a letter will be the popular and queen that will indicate the group will command throughout the game is drawn. There are four different groups consisting of gold, swords, cups or clubs. Well the popular letter will be responsible to tell us what will be the winner when the battle. For example if the glasses and popular is our adversary pulls a sword Ace is worth eleven points and we attacked with four of hearts that has no value, we will win the round because the card is popular drinks. Now if popular is glasses and our adversary attacks with a jack of clubs is worth two points and we attacked with a horse of swords worth three points, we will lose the round because he attacked first and has the advantage of if we do not get letters of the group popular always lose and when is less than or different group. Below we indicate you the score of each letter.

If you are not familiar with the Spanish deck is very easy to identify by name: you have gold coins; swords, logically leads swords, batons is the one with a wooden mallets or sticks; and cups, depicted with red glasses.

Let's say the score of each letter, begin with the highest score. The one with the highest score is called AS which is the number one in the group and has a score of eleven points, then comes the three that has a score of ten points, then comes the number twelve, also known by the king worth four points, the horse is worth three points and corresponds to the number eleven, the jacks are worth two points and carries the number ten in each group. Logically the letter that has more point will be the winner if and when the popular group.

We will now show the cards that have no points but serve to win the battle as long as is greater than our opponent. Number two, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine have no points therefore will be the first letters to shake off earlier.

When you have three cards of the Brisca we will attack with the letter that most believe to be more successful when winning. Well you know everything that you had to know to play Briscola and can get to know the games we have for you, absolutely free and online!

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