free Bratz Games

free Bratz Games

The Bratz are famous dolls that have made the leap to television and to the movies with their films. Now you can accompany them to the beauty salon, makeup or choose your wardrobe. Have them get a boyfriend and kiss passionately among many other things.

Bratz Games

Free Bratz designer Game
Bratz designer
Free Bratz: Dress me for a dance Game
Free Bratz race Game
Bratz race
Free Bratz fashion designer Game
Bratz fashion designer
Free Makeover the Bratz Game
Makeover the Bratz
Free Bratz makeup young Game
Bratz makeup young
Free Bratz stars Game
Bratz stars
Free Bratz room Game
Bratz room
Free Bratz Game
Free Bratz makeover Game
Bratz makeover

+ Bratz Games

Free Bratz ice champions Game
Bratz ice champions
Free Bratz kisses Game
Bratz kisses
Free Bratz: escape Game
Bratz: escape
Free Bratz Babyz Ponyz Game
Bratz Babyz Ponyz


Bratz Games

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They have always been best friends, these four girls known as the Bratz are intelligent, beautiful and always go to fashion. Each has its own style but they all complement each s.

Although everything is about to change when these great friends come to school because they find that the entire center is organized into different groups by the principal's daughter Meredith. This girl wants to have the whole institute under its control and when these four girls arrive they are forced to choose a group but as separate Meredith's own will put discover.

Chloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin are threatening their friendship if they are driven by these groups. For that reason decide to return to unite and fight against those who want to separate them. Helps ms fashion school girls keep their friendship and conquer the center, make use of intelligence to destroy the evil plans Meredith and help your friends to be the queens who both deserve to be.

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