free Bolt Games

free Bolt Games

The bravest dog of Disney, Bolt, arrives in new adventures that to carry out next to all its friendly. Join the missions of our friend and get rid of the villains who attack the city. Do not forget to rescue Penny!

Bolt Games

Free Bolt: Puzzle Game
Bolt: Puzzle
Free Bolt: Rescue Mission Game
Bolt: Rescue Mission
Free Bolt to the rescue Game
Bolt to the rescue
Free Bolt Game

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Free Bolt spot the difference Game
Bolt spot the difference
Free Bolt puzzle Game
Bolt puzzle
Free Nuts and bolts Game
Nuts and bolts


Bolt Games

How to play bolt free, no downloads

Bolt is a movie star capable of impressive action scenes and use a lot of superpowers as visinlser. The problem is that he himself believes that this is real, because since I was born have been treated in this way so that the paper is introduced as Bolt is a dog.

Its owner is a lovely niaa you can barely see, but one day she disappears and Bolt duty leave plats movie to find. In this adventure you face reality, which does not have superpowers and is only an ordinary dog ​​as the others.

But none of this detendr because the most important thing that owns this dog is his heart. On the way to find friends who ayudarna you understand the real world and its mission is unirna to find its owner. You can help this brave in his mission to rescue avoiding the enemies or atacndolos with your powers as Bolt must save the world from a new tyrant who threatens all dogs worldwide.

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