free Blocks Games

free Blocks Games

Stack a bunch of blocks to build an infrastructure that is very resistant to enemy attacks. Test your intelligence as a construction engineer stacking Blocks on different terrains in poor condition.

Blocks Games

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Blocks Games

How to play blocks free, no downloads

Today there are many games in da dealing stacking blocks or destroy, the most classic of them all was undoubtedly the Tetris. In this game you should be placing different block-shaped pieces to form lines, formed whenever one of these completely disappears and you score points.

Although the operation is simple haca is really complicated because there are different types of parts and complete a single row is not at all simple. If we aadimos that every time we fall faster as we get points reacciny time to think to put our pieces is reduced.

Also find other games where the temtica is totally different because we have different colored cubes that must destroy oms getting three of the same color in a vertical or horizontal row. This allows to destroy those above fall down and new ones appear at the top to keep trying them together as possible or have time.

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