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Free Mario party Game
Mario party
The purpose of this game is going to interact ...
Free Block puzzle Game
Block puzzle
Play this addictive puzzle game where you have to remove ...
Free Cube crush: thief assistants Game
Cube crush: thief assistants
Become the wizard of this thief and exceeds ...
Free Flame, the floor is lava Game
Flame, the floor is lava
Escape the lava floor with flame before ...
Free The sewer monsters Game
The sewer monsters
Help this guy has to recover the pirate ship that has turned ...
Free Boxes Game
entertaining puzzle where you have to keep in mind the colors ...
Free Spore cube Game
Spore cube
skill game in which you have to clik with the mouse ...
Free Connecting blocks Game
Connecting blocks
Play this classic game to align blocks of colors. ...
Free Cube crush Game
Cube crush
plays the famous game that everyone plays ...
Free Stacking blocks Game
Stacking blocks
fun game where you have apple connect connect ...
Free Parts balance Game
Parts balance
excellent game to exercise the mental ability. ...
Free Puzzle box Game
Puzzle box
Put your mind to work and solve this fantastic ...
Free Save animals boat Game
Save animals boat
In this game you have to free the imprisoned ...
Free Stacked cars Game
Stacked cars
in this junkyard car you have to stack the cars forming ...
Free Breaks down the brick blocks Clausus Game
Breaks down the brick blocks Clausus
The objective of this game is to knock all the blocks ...
Free SpongeBob mass transformed Game
SpongeBob mass transformed
SpongeBob strange circumstances has become ...
Free Driller Game
Play this fun game where you need to go digging ...
Free Teleporter Game
Teleporter is a great thinking game where ...
Free Blocks: Hexagonal puzzle Game
Blocks: Hexagonal puzzle
Fun puzzle game that is sweeping through downloads ...
Free Happy blocks Game
Happy blocks
these gray blocks lived in their ...
Free Goblets Game
the game is to throw all the cups with a kind of slingshot ...
Free Super blux Game
Super blux
Super Blux is a fantastic game where you test your skill ...
Free Totem Game
Performs this adventure in search of treasures ...
Free Go blocks Game
Go blocks
have a good time playing this fun adventure ...

+ Blocks Games

Free Gru 3: Tetris Game
Gru 3: Tetris
The Minions need you to prepare a flight ...
Free The Chavo: Tetris Game
The Chavo: Tetris
Welcome to the neighborhood of Chavo of 8 where ...
Free Block Minecraft Game
Block Minecraft
Blocks threaten the world of Minecraft, ...
Free Classic tetris blocks Game
Classic tetris blocks
A classic video game Tetris and is now available ...
Free Blocks reincarnated Game
Blocks reincarnated
this block you see in the picture has to reach ...
Free Colored bricks Game
Colored bricks
playing Tetris with colored bricks. ...
Free Arkanoid: Maya Game
Arkanoid: Maya
Play classic Breakout game based on the Mayan ...
Free Arkanoid 2 Game
Arkanoid 2
Play this interesting game Arkanoid. for those who have never ...
Free Tetris Game
for those addicted to the classic Tetris ...
Free Cuphead: Tetris Game
Cuphead: Tetris
King Dice has kidnapped the Cuphead brothers to force ...
Free Tetris Halloween Game
Tetris Halloween
Build your own Halloween adventure with Halloween ...
Free Disney Tetris Game
Disney Tetris
The tetris blocks want to take over the saga of Walt Disney, ...
Free Sims Block Game
Sims Block
In Sims Block, the Sims are in danger ...
Free Magnetism Game
The protagonist of this game is called Vincent ...
Free Crashdown Game
skill game similar to Tetris where ...
Free Feeder War Game
Feeder War
similar to the classic Arkanoid, in which ...
Free Flubber Rise Game
Flubber Rise
Jump with this monster with a ball as high as possible ...
Free Minions tetris Game
Minions tetris
play the popular game of tetris where minions ...
Free The demoinios burn in hell Game
The demoinios burn in hell
throw your fireball from the star toward evil demons ...
Free Mr. block Game
Mr. block
you are the mr. block and you have to play this game of platforms ...
Free Simpsons: tetris Game
Simpsons: tetris
we all love the classic tetris game and mini-games ...
Free Doctor: Tetris Game
Doctor: Tetris
This doctor has to remove all viruses but can not do it alone. ...
Free Tetris 3d 2 Game
Tetris 3d 2
playing tetris in three d. It sounds ...
Free Arkanoid Double Action Game
Arkanoid Double Action
plays another spectacular game Arkanoid, ...
Unity 3D
Free Blockytrials: Minecraft Game
Blockytrials: Minecraft
Drive bikes in this Blockytrials game inspired ...
Free Tetris: Coco Disney Game
Tetris: Coco Disney
Play the classic tetris video game inspired ...
Free Tetris Minecraft Game
Tetris Minecraft
Take on the Dragon of the End with this Minecraft ...
Free Pat the dog: Tetris Game
Pat the dog: Tetris
Complete the story of my Dog Pat with this game of tetris. ...
Free Bendy and The Ink Machine: Tetris Game
Bendy and The Ink Machine: Tetris
Now you can enjoy another game of Bendy ...
Free Blocraft Game
Immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft ...
Free Tattletail Game
The Tattletail is a diabolical Furby that you must save by playing ...
Free Atari Breakout Game
Atari Breakout
If you like the old Arkanoid games like Atari ...
Free Minecraft crafting Game
Minecraft crafting
Minecraft this game you have to get materials ...
Free Isoball puzzles Game
Isoball puzzles
A new game for you to put your brain ...
Free Cube theme Game
Cube theme
Put pictures of the same color and make them disappear ...
Free Mario tetris master Game
Mario tetris master
Again we bring two classic one with which ...


Blocks Games

How to play blocks free, no downloads

Today there are many games in da dealing stacking blocks or destroy, the most classic of them all was undoubtedly the Tetris. In this game you should be placing different block-shaped pieces to form lines, formed whenever one of these completely disappears and you score points.

Although the operation is simple haca is really complicated because there are different types of parts and complete a single row is not at all simple. If we aadimos that every time we fall faster as we get points reacciny time to think to put our pieces is reduced.

Also find other games where the temtica is totally different because we have different colored cubes that must destroy oms getting three of the same color in a vertical or horizontal row. This allows to destroy those above fall down and new ones appear at the top to keep trying them together as possible or have time.

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