Big hero 6 Games

Help Hiro and his great friend Baymax to become the best superheroes
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Big hero 6 Games

Baymax and Hiro need you for their adventures

Help Baymax and Hiro Hamada has exterminate the Microbot. Before starting the fight tendrs to affix the microchip to Baymax to become the great hero robot more powerful from the face of the earth.

Venture into this great fictional adventure where humans and robots come together to fight.

Fly with Baymax in a very hostile world where all enemies want to see eliminated, but t, you're not going to allow. Use your super weapon to annihilate the enemies and find your friends who are stuck somewhere in the game.

Also can enhance knowledge of mathematics, playing a simple game where you ask yt math problems tendrs to answer correctly. Psalo good !.

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