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Beauty and the Beast need you to unleash their differences in Disney world love stories
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Beauty and the Beast

Because beauty is inside

Beauty and the Beast is one of the great Disney classics that tells us a great love story in which appearances do not matter at all. It all starts with Bella, a young girl and passionate about reading who lives with her father. One day, his father goes deep into the forest and runs into a large castle, where the Beast lives and meets his servants, objects such as candlesticks, clocks, cups and much more household items that are capable of speaking. The Beast when he discovers the intruder gets very angry and locks him in his dungeon for having dared to enter his domains. Bella will go to her father's rescue and will convince Beast to exchange her for her father since he is sick. Thus begins a story in which our protagonists will meet and love will begin to emerge. Finally it will be discovered that Beast is a beautiful prince and his servants are also people of flesh and blood but under a great curse that will only be broken with a kiss of true love.

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