Worst bartenderWaitress at the brewery
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Bars Games

Manage the functioning of the bars

Games of bars you can prepare magical cocktails with which you can transform customers into monsters or Don Juans depending on how you prepare or as ingredients you use. There are hundreds of different combinations, each with a unique ability.

Also you can play pretend you're a gorgeous waitress and your job as obviously be bartending customers visiting the bar.

There is a very nice game where you're the worst bartender you could meet. You can not ever ask a cocktail that makes a cocktail of death !. It is a game where you have to find the right combination if you want to die when you're drinking the cup that you have prepared.

Play all the games there are bars and restaurants on the Internet. All those games you are looking for are here.

Kitchen Games

Enter the kitchen and take charge of the stove

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Restaurants Games

Open the restaurant and serve customers

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