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Bambi Games

Have fun with Bambi and her friends

One of the most tragic stories of Disney is undoubtedly Bambi, this young fawn lives happily in the woods with his mother discovering the world around her under the tender gaze of her mother and with the help of some of her friends like Tambor the rabbit.

But all this changes when a hunter ends his mother, this forces the young deer to live with his father who is the Prince of the Forest. Together with him, he will grow up and learn what is necessary to become a respected deer some day, the years pass and Bambi will meet a young fawn that he will fall madly in love with.

When he starts being happy again he will have to protect his friends and the love of his life from his greatest enemy, man. As always, human beings do not respect animals in the vast majority of cases, especially if they are hunters who, because of sport, look for animals to hunt. For this reason the young deer must fight with cunning against this mortal enemy that threatens the safety of the forest.

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