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Avatar, the Airbender has to follow the legend of Aang in martial arts games
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Avatar the last Airbender

Delve into the world of Aang

Avatar: The Legend of Aang, also called The Last Airbender, is a Nickelodeon series in which we are presented with a fictional world in which four nations live together. The Water Tribe, the Air Nomads, the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation are inhabited by normal people and others who are able to control the element of their nation, these people are known as teachers. In each generation, an Avatar is born that is someone capable of controlling the four elements. This gives him power to keep the peace between nations and make a good coexistence exist. The last avatar, of the air nomads, has disappeared and the Fire Nation has taken the opportunity to start a war. The series begins a hundred years after this war and with the appearance of Aang, a child they discover frozen and will soon realize that it is the avatar. Aang must learn to control the four elements soon to defeat the lord of fire and return peace to the world of the four nations.

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