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Humanity has managed to reach other planets with interstellar travel and colonize various planets in their travels have found a valuable mineral called Unobtainium. Humanity has moved to travs of the galaxy looking for this material, have now reached a moon of the planet Polyphemus containing large quantity of this material.

The main problem is that the unbreathable atmosphere poisonous to humans and the second are the NaVi one aliengena race living on the planet. Due to the large number of wild and terrible animals that inhabit this planet, humans attempt to befriend the NaVi to study and get their help.

But this town is very synchronized with the planet and its creatures, so the destruction created by man is not something they like at all. Especially when they threaten the mother love is sacred to them, this tree has at his feet a lot of mineral that humans want to get. Then the conflict burst, which side are you?

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