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robores trips all going to destroy ...
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Astro boy run
astro boy has to run at full speed on the top of buildings ...


Astroboy Games

How to play astroboy free, no downloads

AstroBoy is a boy with super powers and scientist who generates the latest robotic technology. It is capable of transforming animal cyborg to neutralize an alien threat that has come as a meteorite.

Live and play Astroboy adventures interacting with him. You will have to save humanity from alien threats. You can use your weapons designed by himself. It has created a devastating weapon that is installed on your arm and is able to neutralize any enemy, you can also fly with an invention developed in its research facilities.

In one of his adventures you have to run around town doing parkour and avoiding obstacles that you find along the way. Astroboy will be happy with you to play your action games and adventures.

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