Anime and Manga Games

Create your Anime PocketOne Piece OnlineRunning with the Anime Girl
Goku and Vegeta evolution puzzle fandejuegosGoku FlappyGoku Black vs Goku: PuzzleThe Anime WorldOne piece: Pirate adventureOne Piece: New IslandOne pieceCalimero planeSuper sabers MangaAdventures in one pieceOne Piece bloodlessOne piece the hot fightOne Piece Exotic Adventure 2Anime Legends 2016Rozen Maiden Dress UpMegaman 2
One Piece third adventureNaruto fight videoOne Piece vs zombiesAnime Battle 2.2One Piece Ultimate Fight: Anime FightsNaruto vs GokuAnime Legends 24Secret kisses girls MangaOne Piece Figting CR 06Naruto and one piece vs zombiesAnime Fighters CR SasukeAnime Battle 1.9Sergeant keroroCareers monsunoOne Piece vs Naruto CR ZoroNaruto batalla mangaOne Piece looks for differencesTitans defense: Attack on TitanAnime Battle 2.1Dragon Ball Z VS NarutoShugo Chara! BombermanKagome Higurashi
Fashion with girls NarutoThe Treasury CalimeroCalimero racingOne Piece protects the treasureOne Piece escape

Other Anime and Manga games

One Piece vs zombiesRozen Maiden Dress UpTitans defense: Attack on TitanShugo Chara! BombermanOne Piece OnlineAdventures in one pieceOne Piece bloodlessAnime Battle 2.2One Piece vs Naruto CR ZoroOne piece the hot fightOne Piece Figting CR 06Anime Fighters CR Sasuke

Anime and Manga Games

For fans of Anime and Manga

If you are looking for are games Anime and manga, you are in perfect place for we have grouped all our games category Anime and Manga. All the games are free !.

Here you can play with your favorite characters and Anime World Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, the Dragon Ball, Kirby, Doraemon, Dino King and many more ...

Will create new characters, love stories will play and fight with the most legendary characters from Japanese games such as Anime or Anime Legends Battle.

The world of Anime and Manga is immense, so we have selected the best games so you can enjoy pleasant time playing different games, all inspired by Anime.

Apart from the games that show you, you can also search in our game that you want play or you've played before. It is on top of the screen to the right.

PokémonYandere SimulatorDoraemonDragon ball zGokuNaruto ShippudenPikachuYoutubeSaiyanKirby

Pokémon Games

So that you become the best Pokémon trainer

PixelmonNew forms Pokemon AlolaPokémon TetrisPokemon UraniumTest PokémonNinetales Aloa: Paint PokémonDexomonMysterious Face: PokémonThe authentic Pokemon GODynamons 3Pokémon GenerationsPokémon: Jump and Jump

Yandere Simulator Games

Conquer your Senpai with Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator visual novelYandere and Senpai: PuzzlePaint Yandere Chan and SenpaiYandere killing SenpaiYandere simulator RPGAyano Aishi the Yandere SimulatorYandere SchoolDress up Yandere the school killerFlirting in Yandere School

Doraemon Games

Travel with Doraemon's magic pocket

Doraemon memoryDoraemon MahjongDoraemon CrushDoraemon vs SawPaint DoraemonDoraemon TinkerBellDoraemon Puzzle BubbleDoraemon: Bicycle RaceNobita and ShizukaDoraemon motorcycleDoraemon and evil dogsDoraemon smart puzzle

Dragon ball z Games

Collect the Balls of Dragon Ball Z

Goku Dragon Ball SuperBlack Goku vs Frieza: Paint OnlineGoku vs Majin Buu coloringGoku match: The Dragon BallsDragon Ball XenoVerse MemoryMahjong GokuDragon ball z: The resurrection of freezer puzzleBlack Goku Rose vs Vegeta SSJ God: PuzzleDragon Ball QuestSuper Dragon Ball OnlineZeno Zama paintZamasu to paint

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