Animatronic Games

When night falls, the puppets that inhabit the Fazbear pizzeria become diabolical, becoming animatronics that will put the security guard in check.
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Other animatronic games

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Animatronic Games

The adventures of terror with animatronics

You still don't know animatronics? They look like adorable teddy bears and other animals but nothing is further from reality. If you are a fan of the video game series Five Nights at Freddy's you will surely know them since they are the creatures to beat in this horror game. The animatronics come alive at night and are dedicated to tormenting the security guard of the pizzeria. This is what happens in the original FNAF game but for this category we have left you many other mini-games to have fun with the animatronics. Create your own monsters, paint and color among many other actions that you have available.

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