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Free Amigo Pancho 7 Game
Amigo Pancho 7
Again our friend Pancho has embarked ...
Free Amigo Pancho 6 Game
Amigo Pancho 6
This time we travel to Asia to get approved ...
Free Amigo pancho 5 Game
Amigo pancho 5
our friend pancho has traveled to antarctica ...
Free Pancho Friend 4 Game
Pancho Friend 4
play passionate game to another friend Pancho ...
Free Pancho Friend 3 Game
Pancho Friend 3
If you're a faithful follower of games ...
Free Pancho Friend 2 Game
Pancho Friend 2
pancho has become our friend, but now he has traveled ...
Free Amigo Pancho in space Game
Amigo Pancho in space
El Amigo Pancho had to travel to the stellar ...
Free Amigo Pancho Hero Game
Amigo Pancho Hero
Terrorists have kidnapped the president and his family ...
Free Pancho friend Game
Pancho friend
Pancho friend is a fun game of thinking. You have to remove ...

amigo pancho

Amigo pancho Games

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Amigo Pancho is a series of games for mobile and PC that carries a Mexican man with the face of a good person. We do not know how, but is always in trouble and we are responsible to lend a hand to come out of it alive. Our friend Pancho has traveled all continents traveling in search of adventure and always just hung two helium balloons with which manages to fly. It all starts with Amigo Pancho 1, but reaches Amigo Pancho 7. There is also a version of this game that Pancho becomes a superhero and flying with balloons must save the world.

The truth is that neither can be saved but it will be us who do things for him. Each level is a maze to Pancho and if you want to get out alive we must activate the mechanisms correctly so you can climb the top of the screen and bring us to the next level. Activate fans, clear the way, get rid of the spikes and many more actions are what should be done if you want to save the life of Amigo Pancho. You can finish the level with a single balloon but your score will pay, and will not be the maximum.

Walk Mexico, Peru, the Arctic, New York, Egypt and Afghanistan among many other destinations with Amigo Pancho in his many adventures. They are games of skill and fun puzzle game that will take you to madness because as you advance the difficulty will increase and will probably have to look for the solution (walkthrough) of any online. It proves you are skilled enough to do so and spend all games Amigo Pancho on our website!

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