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Warriors League
Warriors LeagueWarriors LeagueWarriors LeagueWarriors League

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It is time for you to carry out a great war with these warriors and defeat all your enemies. You have three types of warrior: An expert of hand-to-hand fighting with a sword, another expert of the bow and arrows that attacks from a distance and, finally, a witch who will use his powers to help you in this mission. You must alternate your forces with the warriors and defeat all the enemies that appear to attack you. When you finish with all of them you will surpass the level and they will give you money that you can spend on improving your warriors. Give more power, more life and more strength to your warriors to carry out the following battles and achieve victory. Welcome to the League of Warriors and may luck be with you.
Enjoy the game Warriors League, it's free, it's one of our warriors games we've selected.

🎮 Controls to play

player 1teclas move, key zkey x hit,

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