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Virus infected cows

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Virus infected cows Game

  • Virus infected cows
  • Virus infected cows
  • Virus infected cows
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How to play

How to play Virus infected cows free, no downloads

A strange virus has come to your farm cows and made lose more than one head. They have become completely mad and do weird things but they are all together, so you have to click that are comings of the head. You have sixty seconds to find thirty mad cow among all the flock. Note that there are healthy cows and should avoid clicking on them. If you do, you will lose ten seconds of the time you have to accomplish the mission and you will take. Click on the cows that are smoking and jumping because they are very bad and must be set apart from the rest. The mission seems easier than it really is, so we wish you all the luck in the world. Hunt mad cow virus and ends with cutting to the chase!

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player 1 Click ratón select,

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