Vacation without pumps

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Vacation without pumps

  • Vacation without pumps
  • Vacation without pumps
  • Vacation without pumps

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New game of mechanisms in which we will have to take the bomb to the target to explode and be able to overcome the level. Pay attention before you start the game as they will show you all the interactive buttons that are in the game, which you will have to activate in the levels to get the bomb to the target. You must be quick and agile because the movements must be chained or you will lose the bomb along the way. Do not worry because it is programmed to explode when close to the target. Use the elements that you put at your disposal in each level to make the bomb explode in the target and be able to overcome each of the phases of this game.
Vacation without pumps belongs to those puzzles games that we have selected for you.

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