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Solitaire: speed cluster

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Solitaire: speed cluster Game

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Enjoy this original solitaire game where you have to have a lot of speed to get rid of your cards and match them to those that follow. The letters at the bottom are those you put in that fall, in the same way you would in a loner. If the card is an ace falls, you can place either a two like a king and continue joining letters, either above or below. If you are dropping a king and put a queen, then you can put back a king if you have it in your deck. For each card you release will appear more and get extra time to continue joining letters. As you accumulate points go up in level and the speed with falling letters will be higher, so you must be even more attentive. Start playing this solo and attempts at the highest level!

Controls to play

player 1 Click ratón select,

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