Scale the mountain

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  • Scale the mountain
  • Scale the mountain
  • Scale the mountain

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This character has a special hook for your mission and you must help you manage it properly. With this hook you can access the top of the mountain but its operation is more complex. Press the up arrow direction and will throw the hook, if you give again do it engages with the wall. Once you hooked you can use the left and right cursor keys to balance and to reach the next platform. You need to repeat this operation up to reach the top of the mountain, but beware of falling off or need to start over. You can avoid starting from the beginning if you press to reach a new platform the space bar, you put one of your flags and keep him progress from that part. Good luck and starts climbing!.
Scale the mountain belongs to those adventures games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1cursores move, down release

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