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  • Raftz Online
  • Raftz Online
  • Raftz Online

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Enjoy a new online multiplayer game in IO style. This time you have to go driving your boat made with pieces of wood, dodging your enemies and collecting more wood to make it even bigger. With each box you pick up, you will not only increase the size of the boat, but also the number of occupants since you will need more people to paddle as you are older. You will also need an army to defend you while you sail as this sea is full of other ships that want to conquer the place. You can form a raft of 80 boxes altogether, but you will have to continue collecting more to add points to your marker. Rema and defend your raft from the enemies to reach the Top 1 of Raftz Online.
Raftz Online belongs to those .io games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Mover ratón move,

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