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  • Mr. Pump
  • Mr. Pump
  • Mr. Pump

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A new chapter of these funny drawings internet. Mr. Bomba sees spring arrives and is ready to take a walk in the park but gets very angry when he sees all banks occupied by couples in love. It is very sad and we learn what happens when your friend arrives. Mr. Bomba said a girl with a large bouquet of flowers but she has run. Our character suffers heartbreak and his friend will give some advice to get the girl once and for all. He tells you change your look and be a cool guy. In addition, it gives you a technique to deliver the bouquet of roses and it is totally impressed. It seems that all is well raised and the idea is very good but our friend Mr. Bomba nothing goes right. You want to know how the story ends? Will she the girl? Join to find out!.
Mr. Pump belongs to those animations games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón select,

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