The price of the road

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  • The price of the road
  • The price of the road
  • The price of the road

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In this game you should not have pity for the other vehicles are on the road. Your mission is to destroy and remove from among all possible traffic. You have a certain number of vehicles destroyed and when you get it you've completed one of the objectives. While you're doing the work, you'll earn points to redeem for upgrades for your car. Unlock all upgrades and access the following to continue building the most powerful car that will see these roads. Then you have challenges of a different kind as to reach a speed stipulated, certain distance and many more. Remember that to destroy vehicles must give to the back, if you do it with a side, your car will be damaged. Get started to panic on the road with this game!.
The price of the road belongs to those racing games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Mover ratón move, Click ratón hitting,

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