Poor sick panda

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  • Poor sick panda
  • Poor sick panda
  • Poor sick panda

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This panda does not leave the hospital. Give him a hand to the doctor attending the panda, as he has other emergencies. Bear leads to the hospital, removes chips having the panda through her body, suturing superficial wounds. Performs the surgery, the poor panda has many broken bones, sticks his broken bones and sutures. Place the bandages to heal wounds without infection. Poor Panda, again reaching the hospital now presents many wires embedded in his head, removed one by one and sterilized wires wound suture clamp. Emergency alarm sounds, the panda is serious, has a large infection in the head area, makes an echo to begin surgery. Spend an exciting time and quite busy with the bear.
Poor sick panda belongs to those emergencies games that we have selected for you.

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