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Oggys and hungry cockroaches

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Oggys and hungry cockroaches Game

  • Oggys and hungry cockroaches
  • Oggys and hungry cockroaches
  • Oggys and hungry cockroaches
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How to play

How to play Oggys and hungry cockroaches free, no downloads

Our friend Oggys has prepared a delicious plate of chips, has peeled potato, has cut and put them in the fryer. After so much work is about to eat their potatoes but realizes that the kitchen has been plagued by insects. These cockroaches come to steal food to Oggys and need help so you do not run any. Use Oggys fist to crush all the cockroaches and other insects that come to your plate. With each you crush, you get a number of points that will accumulate your score. Discard all thieves chips before they carry them all and complete the game. Hold as long as possible with potatoes on the plate and accumulate a lot of points, are you ready?

Controls to play

player 1 Click ratón hitting,

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