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Mordecai vs saw
Mordecai vs sawMordecai vs sawMordecai vs saw

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Mordecai, the character of Regular Show will be the next victim of the malevolent doll Pigsaw, which will face our friend to his lethal game. We must help Mordecai survive on the evil plans of Pigsaw and that he can return home with Rigby. While both characters play the console, the famous doll appears to propose his game to Mordecai. He wants to give him a lesson and soon he will also want to give it to Rigby, but that will be in another edition. Now we will have to join forces to defeat Pigsaw and get Mordecai to survive Saw' s game. You must find the right objects to help you open the final door and find the way out of this deadly game. Mordecai vs Saw starts now and we need you to win.
Enjoy the game Mordecai vs saw, it's free, it's one of our saw games we've selected.

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