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  • Minecraft on the island
  • Minecraft on the island
  • Minecraft on the island

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The game only plays in an unsafe URL

To play the game, you must visit the external URL at your own risk.
It does not contain viruses, but if you are going to send personal data, they are not safe.
How to play

Play for free: Minecraft on the island

Play our fun game Minecraft online where you have to create your own environment with the resource you get on the island. Create cities with the help of a pick and shovel. Pica and make roads on this deserted island. Move around the island in search of minerals and materials for new construction. Pressing the R button you can change from peak to shovel. With the peak you can get new materials and shovel you can build everything you can imagine.

Controls to play

player 1cursoresteclas move, espacio jump, key r change tool

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