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  • Lost animal
  • Lost animal
  • Lost animal

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This peculiar hedgehog has started an adventure in these dangerous caves and everything to find some valuable gems. You will help you find the exit of each level and on the way collect all the diamonds there, so you get higher score and stop the level perfectly. All you have to do at first will click on the blocks of ice to drop the hedgehog on the right track and get to your destination. As you progress things will be complicated and will appear new objects game that should be used to follow the right path. Move the gear and use them to gain momentum and reach the most hidden gems. Avoid falling into the lava or die and have to restart the level. Unlock all levels and complete this wonderful game!.
Lost animal belongs to those adventures games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Mover ratón interact, Click ratón select

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