Ladybug leg operation

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  • Ladybug leg operation
  • Ladybug leg operation
  • Ladybug leg operation
  • Ladybug leg operation

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Mariquita went very rushed from home to work and suffered an accident, had to take emergency because it has a broken leg and many wounds on his body. The doctor diagnosed it must be subjected to a leg operation. Once in the operating room you will be the surgeon. First you must clean all wounds and put bandaids on the most superficial. Placing operation started anesthesia, then we disinfect the area where the dissection is performed with the scalpel. Points broken bone sealed. Remove small fragments of bone and fastened with a metal plate which must be adjusted with several screws. Finally stitches the wound, will you supply a calming Mariquita pain, her leg bandages, will you take an X-ray and after a few days you retire bands.
Ladybug leg operation belongs to those operations games that we have selected for you.

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