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Infantry covert operatives

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Infantry covert operatives Game

  • Infantry covert operatives
  • Infantry covert operatives
  • Infantry covert operatives
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How to play

How to play Infantry covert operatives free, no downloads

Enjoy this fantastic war between opposing sides in the purest Worms style. You can choose to play alone or take on a friend in a war to the death camps. In the solo game you must choose the level, initially available only have one, must defeat to unlock the next, and the team of players you want to be. Once on the battlefield, begin moving to one of your players, choose the weapon you want to use, some are unlimited bullets and others can only use a certain number of times, and calculates the trajectory for guesses in one of your objectives. Once the shot done, it will be the turn of your opponent and will be so until one of the two to get the victory. Get started bombarding the enemy camp and get rid of all!

Controls to play

player 2 cursores move, up down aim, espacio shoot,

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