Hunting stars

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  • Hunting stars
  • Hunting stars
  • Hunting stars

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Help this guy to collect all the stars that are scattered around these planets. They have sent an important space mission to collect stars for a new experiment. These stars are only found in seven small planets and you need to make you all. It begins with the first of these levels and choose the right to make all the stars way. In this first level, there will be signs that indicate you how to play, so you'll have some clues to carry it out successfully. The second is more complicated is that there are always two paths to choose from, one is the right direction and not the other. Choose either because a bad decision can lead you to lose one of your four lives. If you run out of lives will have to start over from the beginning, so, be sure that does not happen!.
Hunting stars belongs to those action games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1teclas move, espacio start over

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