Hunting with the boomerang

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About this game

  • Hunting with the boomerang
  • Hunting with the boomerang
  • Hunting with the boomerang

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Surely you' ve seen many ways to hunt but this one that we bring you next is totally new. This monkey is hungry and will hunt ostriches using a boomerang. The best thing about this weapon is that you can try to give the animal not only when you throw but also when it retreats. Use the mouse to aim and shoot, selecting the power well, the ostriches and kill them all. In the upper left corner you will see your accumulated score, while in the right part you will have the stopwatch. Try to accumulate as many points as possible before the time runs out to set an unattainable record, so you can challenge your friends.
Hunting with the boomerang belongs to those gun games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Mover ratón move, espacio shoot,

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