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Hunt dragons

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Hunt dragons Game

  • Hunt dragons
  • Hunt dragons
  • Hunt dragons
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How to play

How to play Hunt dragons free, no downloads

In this ancient and distant land they have a big problem with dragons and do not stop threatening the population. Need of help to get rid of all dragons and live in peace for a long time. Survive the waves of dragons to come to attack and defend yourself with your catapult. It sticks have torched that by giving against the target you will make them fall. Do not let them get to your position or get take away part of life. As you progress the difficulty levels will increase, having more enemies coming to attack you. Prepare your catapult and begins to tear down all the dragons that come to your village and threaten to let citizens of this evil. Will you manage to complete all levels?

Controls to play

player 1 Click ratón shoot,

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