Ganster in the city

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About this game

  • Ganster in the city
  • Ganster in the city
  • Ganster in the city

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This city is full of gangsters from different bands and you will have to carry out a war between them. You are in charge of finishing the rival band and for this they put at your disposal an entire arsenal of weapons. Use the numeric keys to change weapons, which you will find in the lower left. In addition, you must use the mouse to point and shoot the enemies that are appearing, you must be fast or they will shoot at you and can kill you. In each level you will have a mission to complete, in the first you must finish with ten members of the rival band to win and be able to move on to the next. Defend your territory and become the number one band in the city.
Ganster in the city belongs to those mafias games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón shoot,

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