Gangster boys

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  • Gangster boys
  • Gangster boys
  • Gangster boys

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The police are the biggest annoyance for a mafia, so your boss has entrusted you with a new mission and you will have to carry it out if you want to prosper in the business. You have to take the vehicle and shoot all the police officers you find on the street, so they will learn that they should not get involved in your affairs. You' ll have to be very good at driving, while you' re targeting the police to kill them. Collect coins, life and gas along the way so you do not stay lying and reach the finish line. Get to the end and you will complete the level, having unlocked the next one and being able to continue your Gangster Boys adventure.
Gangster boys belongs to those mafias games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón shoot, teclas move,

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