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FWG Knight 2

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FWG Knight 2 Game

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These distant lands have been threatened by evil forces that want to destroy the kingdom. This warrior has come to fight the enemies and save his land from the invasion which has been embroiled. On the back of your horse wins the waves of rivals to finish the level successfully and move to the next phase. You start with a sword but down see the weapons you have available, as you progress in the game you can unlock new ones and improve the ones you have. There are three types of attack, a normal one, another special and a very powerful that you can only do when you have recharged the bar. When you kill your enemies get extra points to fill the bar and special health so make sure you kill them all. Save the kingdom by this warrior and a true hero.

Controls to play

player 1 teclas move, key j key k key l hitting, adivina quien es quien online

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