Fortress Guardian

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  • Fortress Guardian
  • Fortress Guardian
  • Fortress Guardian

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Evil forces are invading your land and all your villagers are in serious danger because of these orcs. The latter alternative has been to lock up the people behind the walls of the city and put an army of archers covering the entrance. You will be one of them and need to destroy waves of enemies before they reach your position. Press the left button of your mouse to load bow and release when you're ready to launch the arrow. Try your shots will result in certain death and not waste time in having to use more than one arrow to kill your enemies. If you reach the wall, they used ladders to climb and you have to use the sword to achieve thrown away. Alternate arms and manages to overcome the waves of enemy to get people to be saved.
Fortress Guardian belongs to those medieval games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón shoot,

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