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  • Field Command
  • Field Command
  • Field Command

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Delve into the Vietnam War and gets the win for your army. In this game you do not have to shoot, you're in the tactical team and you must select the best strategy to win. Whenever there is an available action, you will come between the two options you have to choose which you think better. Soon you will know if your idea has worked because it will determine the success of the mission. First you need to successfully conclude an expedition in search of some elements. The second of your missions will be to defend one of your bases and hold out until reinforcements arrive killing the enemy attack in the best way. Finally, you have to clear a street of enemies, sets the initial position of your troops and choose the right people to get the final victory actions. Enjoy already Field Command!.
Field Command belongs to those game of thrones games that we have selected for you.

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