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Escape the house Hello Neighbor
Escape the house Hello Neighbor

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The chilling history of this game will leave you puzzled and playing it will be an adventure that you should not confront if you are very sensitive to horror games and scares. In this abandoned house, ten years ago, lived a family that one day disappeared without a trace. In the town it is commented that the father went crazy and made them disappear to all, while other theories suggest that they are still inside. The case, is that a document has been found in which it is said that this family was in possession of three jewels that should be inherited by other relatives.
You will be the detective in charge of entering that house to recover the jewels, before the thieves can make theirs and steal them. Everything seems simple enough, but you must be careful because the house is enchanted. You must go through all the rooms objects that help you achieve your goal and be able to find the three jewels to get out of there as soon as possible.
In some rooms you will see strange things with which you will be able to verify, that as they said, the house is enchanted and you can take some scare. You must find the jewels and get out of here as soon as possible before a paranormal entity attacks you.
Enjoy the game Escape the house Hello Neighbor, it's free, it's one of our hello neighbor games we've selected.

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player 1Click ratón select,

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