My dog ​​intelegente

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  • My dog ​​intelegente
  • My dog ​​intelegente
  • My dog ​​intelegente

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This girl can not alone with all the work that has to do with your dog and need your help to complete all tasks. Pay attention to what you ask for at all times and begins to perform the task quickly before the time limit you have to do is exhausted. You start filling the bowl of dog food, for that you'll use a special blade you have to take from the food package to the bowl. Do it carefully or you will pull the food and need to re-start a new batch. You will perform other tasks such as inflating the doghouse, joining the pieces of shoe that has broken like a puzzle or remove the rubbish that has fallen into his water bowl. Get complete all activities on time and you have passed the whole game.
My dog ​​intelegente belongs to those dogs games that we have selected for you.

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