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  • Decorate your hands
  • Decorate your hands
  • Decorate your hands

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This game is when making manicure to this pair of hands so simple. You can go adding different accessories and decorate hands slowly until a completely customized look. Add color to your nails using nail polish jar you like. You do not have that put both hands the same, you can make a different design each, most important that everything is to your liking. You can add tattoos hands among all you have available and thus get to continue to take a better look. You can also add wrist bracelets and finger rings to complete your design. But you convinces as was always able to start over and try different combinations to create that is perfect for you. Teach us as it gives you the art of manicures!.
Decorate your hands belongs to those tattoos games that we have selected for you.

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