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Daphnes fight for fashion

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Daphnes fight for fashion Game

  • Daphnes fight for fashion
  • Daphnes fight for fashion
  • Daphnes fight for fashion
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How to play

How to play Daphnes fight for fashion free, no downloads

Fighting game in which For those who do not know Daphnes is the prettiest girl in the Scooby Doo series. It is a very conceited and always watching his girl look but is also a great adventurous and knows how to defend. One day, he realizes that someone has stolen your favorite pink dress and is willing to find the thief and make him pay for what he has done. Performs this adventure through the levels and find all the parts of your favorite clothes. In each level you will find many enemies you have to kill if you want to move forward. In the end, there will be an even stronger enemy will cost you more beat but you should do if you want to retrieve clothes. Use the arrow keys to move, crouch and jump, in addition to the Z and X keys to hit your opponents. Are you ready for action?will be a determining factor, will handle a woman instead of a man to kill your enemies

Controls to play

player 1 cursores move, key z key x hitting,

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