Command: Anti alien

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About this game

  • Command: Anti alien
  • Command: Anti alien
  • Command: Anti alien

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You are the head of this army and I have assigned a new mission. Earth is threatened by an alien attack and you must kill them. Start with the tutorial and brings together the group of soldiers that will accompany you during the trip. Party all green wooden boxes and to get gems can then be redeemed for upgrades for your army. Accounts with a pair of arms at first, a machine gun and bazooka. With the bazooka you can destroy walls that block your path and to follow. Shoot the enemies and collect the gems they drop to die. On your journey you can find more soldiers, who have to rescue and join your army. Enters to carry out this mission against aliens who are ready to conquer the land.
Command: Anti alien belongs to those war games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Mover ratón move, Click ratón shoot, select,

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