Cockroaches of daydreams

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  • Cockroaches of daydreams
  • Cockroaches of daydreams
  • Cockroaches of daydreams

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What a nightmare to wake up among cockroaches and so that does not happen we will help this man rest quietly. The fact is that this place has a great plague of cockroaches and it will be difficult to keep them away from the lord while he sleeps. Use your mouse to throw newspapers and scare the cockroaches that approach this man. You must be careful where you scare them because you could make them go to him. In the lower part you will find a stress bar, which you should not raise. If that bar reaches its maximum the man will wake up among cockroaches and you will not have been able to fulfill your mission. Hold as long as possible, rooting cockroaches to win.
Cockroaches of daydreams belongs to those vermin games that we have selected for you.

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player 1Click ratón hit,

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