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  • Brisca Online
  • Brisca Online
  • Brisca Online

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Play card game that is fashionable as is the game of Brisca. It is played with a Spanish deck and can be played from two to six players in pairs of two for each team. The cards are shuffled and three for each of the players are dealt. Once all players have three cards will return to pick up a card from the deck and will face up. By suit can be gold, sword, drink or rough. Well according to the stick will leave the club to send or host. Number one is the one with more power and value it once. Number three is the second most powerful and value worth ten. The third is the most powerful twelve worth four points, then follows the eleven worth three points and finally the jack corresponding to number ten and its value is a colon.
Brisca Online belongs to those letters games that we have selected for you.

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player 2Click ratón select,

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