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  • Break colors
  • Break colors
  • Break colors

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This game is very simple but very addictive once. You may remember some other game for his game but is different than seen before. As in Tetris, you must clear the screen of blocks before they reach the top or the game is complete and you will have to play well you've established your own personal brand. You have to remove blocks of the same color are together, having to be at least three to remove them. There will be special blocks which, when activated remove all of your row or exploits the same color. As you accumulate points, you will go way up from being even faster launching blocks. If the left bar reaches its minimum, they will leave few blocks you can not remove, so you should avoid them. What level you can reach?.
Break colors belongs to those tetris games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player1, Click ratón select

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