Beyblade: Basketball

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About this game

  • Beyblade: Basketball
  • Beyblade: Basketball
  • Beyblade: Basketball

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The protagonist of bayblade has put aside his adventures to practice some sport. In one of his travels he has found a basketball court and ball near the basket. Without thinking twice he decided to start a round of shots books from different areas. It sets the trajectory and power of the shot calculating that the ball end up in the basket. If you succeed you will score but you should not keep trying to score. You have twenty shots and if you want to prove you're the best, you have to make full baskets. The position of our protagonist will change so you must calculate the shot as the distance at which it is located. Do not miss out on any points and get to the maximum without problems. You will get it? Try it and tell us in comments what your record.
Beyblade: Basketball belongs to those children games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón shoot,

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