Beaver Canyon

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  • Beaver Canyon
  • Beaver Canyon
  • Beaver Canyon

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Check your aim and your ability to judge distances with this fantastic game. The beaver has a barrel and is testing with a friend. The friend gets inside and have to throw it until it falls into the pool. For this you must move the buttons on the bottom left corresponding to the angle and power. Make a first test launch and see if you have to decrease or increase the power to get to the pool. Each time the friend fall to the ground, you lose part of life and you'll be less attempts to continue beating levels. When you get it from falling into the pool get a certain amount of points and you can try again to continue to accumulate more for your score. Have fun throwing your friend with the barrel and is cool in the pool!.
Beaver Canyon belongs to those adventures games that we have selected for you.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón shoot,

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